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  • Why would I need an air purifier? So far I've gotten along very well without it
    On average we drink two liters of water per day and consume 8 liters of air per minute, i.e. H. We use 2,000 gallons/11,000 liters of air per day. Research shows that indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air. Just as we protect ourselves and our children with water filters, we should also take steps to protect our children from the viruses, bacteria and mold they breathe in every day in our supposedly safe homes. 2020 has taught us that the air we breathe can be truly dangerous, exposing us to viruses that can cause serious illnesses. Advanced new technology gives us the opportunity to take control of our health and ensure the air we breathe in our home is pure. All of this can be achieved with a simple installation of TADIRAN AIROW in your air conditioning system.
  • How long does it take for TADIRAN AIROW to eliminate viruses, bacteria and mold?
    Our tests revealed the following: Viruses: 30 minutes after activating TADIRAN AIROW, the percentage of airborne viruses was reduced by 99.97% and after 150 minutes by 99.99998%. Molds: 30 minutes after activating TADIRAN AIROW, the percentage of airborne molds was reduced by 69.92% and after 120 minutes by 98.93%. Bacteria: 30 minutes after activating TADIRAN AIROW, the percentage of airborne bacteria was reduced by 96.49% and after 150 minutes by 99.99994%.
  • What is the concentration of H202 after activation of TADIRAN AIROW?
    We found a concentration of 7-15 ppb after 120 minutes of use. An amount 50-100 times less than the maximum allowable concentration of 1,000 ppb.
  • How do you ensure that the H2O2 concentration does not exceed 15 pbb?
    Once TADIRAN AIROW has reached a saturation point, the H2O2 concentration will no longer increase.
  • How big can the room be?
    Up to 100m2 (~1076 square ft.)
  • Does H2O2 cause corrosion on air conditioner?
    The H2O2 concentration we produce is so low that it does not cause corrosion.
  • Can you connect multiple units together in larger spaces?
    Yes, you can connect multiple devices together.
  • Can TADIRAN AIROW communicate with a BMS?
    TADIRAN AIROW is a standalone device and has an LED output indicator that you can use to connect to a BMS.
  • How high is the electrical voltage?
  • What are the electrical specifications?
  • What is the difference between 99.9% and 99.9998% efficiency?
    There is a significant difference in efficiency. TADIRAN AIROW's results are 99.99998%, making it up to 100 times more efficient than competing solutions with 99.99% efficiency. Our solution leaves fewer untreated microorganisms in the air. With a sample of 1 million microorganisms, our device leaves less than 1 untreated microorganism, while with an efficiency of 99.99%, 100 microorganisms remain untreated.
  • How do you regulate the amount of H2O2 to ensure levels are consistent and safe?
    TADIRAN AIROW is designed to produce a specific amount of H2O2 within the permitted values.
  • Is your product ozone-free?
    The air conditioner with a TADIRAN AIROW unit produces a constant airflow that keeps the room ozone-free (less than 5 ppb).
  • If you produce more ozone than hydrogen peroxide, why do you claim that you clean the air with H2O2 and not ozone?
    Ozone is a gas while H2O2 is in the form of vapor. The steam is much more oxidized, which makes it more effective. To destroy viruses and bacteria, a much larger amount of ozone is required, about 1,000 times more than H2O2. To achieve such values with ozone, more than the permitted amount would be required.
  • How is the hydrogen peroxide produced in the TADIRAN AIROW plant?
    The TADIRAN AIROW technology splits O2 into two O atoms, which, together with the H2O molecules in the air flow, transform into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The H202 is then distributed throughout the conditioned airspace and purifies the air.
  • What is the efficiency of TADIRAN AIROW?
    TADIRAN AIROW has been tested in an FDA-approved laboratory and is proven to eliminate viruses with an efficiency of 99.99998%, bacteria with an efficiency of 99.99994% and mold with an efficiency of 99.997%.
  • Does TADIRAN AIROW require maintenance?
    TADIRAN AIROW is maintenance-free and has a patented self-cleaning mechanism. There is no need to replace parts or call a technician for an annual check.
  • Is hydrogen peroxide safe for humans?
    Hydrogen peroxide is used daily in many devices you probably have in your home. From mouthwash to toothpaste to cleaning products. As long as the amount is within the permitted limits. TADIRAN AIROW produces less than 15 ppb, about 50 times less than the approved standard.
  • What is the advantage of an air purifier built into an air conditioner?
    Molds are often found in air conditioning systems. It is harmful and can increase the risk of a respiratory infection. Mold is also known to cause symptoms such as throat irritation, wheezing, and constipation. The TADIRAN AIROW device eliminates mold.
  • *Some of the answers are based on accepted scientific principles that:
    Aerosol Research and Engineering Labs Inc.
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