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Tadiran Technologies introduces TADIRAN AIROW 3™, a unique air purification technology that proactively treats every cubic centimeter of air-conditioned space. TADIRAN AIROW™ technology splits oxygen (O2) into two separate “O” atoms using a discharge current. These free O atoms combine with the H2O molecules in the airflow and convert into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). The H2O2 is then distributed into the air-conditioned living space via the air conditioning indoor unit, deactivating a variety of microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses and mold.


The TADIRAN AIROW 0.3 creates the conditions for effective treatment of almost 100% of bacteria, viruses and molds in the room with a lasting effect of up to 24 hours.
Fits fan coil units, heat pump PTACs, ductless mini splits and ductless VRF split systems

TADIRAN AIROW 3 Product & Box no Background Highres

SKU: 0013
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